Our Mission

The CJ Moody Fund is the only private fundraising effort that benefits the Massachusetts Early Intervention Consortium (MEIC).  The MEIC is a state-wide community of Early Intervention (EI) professionals dedicated to supporting a high quality and comprehensive Early Intervention delivery system across Massachusetts. Early Intervention (EI) serves children under the age of three with significant physical, developmental or medical disabilities.  The MEIC has been advocating, strengthening and advising the Early Intervention Community for over 30 years.

The demand for EI services has never been greater: roughly 30,000 babies ages birth to three currently receive EI services in Massachusetts.  Unfortunately in recent years federal and state funding has decreased while the number of eligible babies and toddlers has increased.  On shoe string budgets these critical services are provided with success, but providers and families often know that cutting edge technologies, techniques and therapies could play an important role in a child’s development.  Under current financial constraints treatment options are limited.  This is why CJ’s Fund exists.

At the time of CJ’s passing our family was researching private oral and feeding specialists. Our EI provided therapist could no longer commit to regular hours due to lack of funding.  CJ’s Fund was founded to try to fill these funding gaps, and give every EI program across the state the ability to access a precious funding source to benefit the families they serve.  We strive to not let economics get in the way of the early successes and breakthroughs that can propel a happier and healthier childhood.  The goal of CJ’s Fund is to ensure that every baby in Massachusetts has access to the proper resources to put them on the path to a successful childhood, no matter their individualized limitations.

Since 2009 we have raised over $700,000 for Early Intervention services and the work of CJ’s Fund is far from done.  As long as Early Intervention providers keep seeing the potential in these special babies CJ’s Fund will continue to support them in every way we know how.