How CJ's Fund Helps

The Mackey Family

Our son, Robbie has neurological disorders that make it impossible for him to move parts of his mouth, tongue and throat and prevents him from forming intelligible words. It causes incredible frustration, as he is not able to express his thoughts, wants, needs etc. After a long battle we received a helpful medical device that allowed him to push buttons associated with words. Initially we were told it was fully covered by our insurance, but after completing the required 2 month trial, and seeing much hope as Robbie was starting to feel heard, we got a very large bill. After many phone calls and inquires to resolve the unexpected bill, I realized that our only options were to explore other devices (which can take up to 6 months), or pay the bill. Financially, we were not in position to pay for the device. I explained the situation to our EI coordinator and SLP, Kristin. I felt totally discouraged and sad that we would have to consider changing his device and explained our situation to Kristin. I asked if EI ever helps families out with this kind of a need. Within an hour of talking to her she called with the most incredible news. There was “CJ’s Fund” and it was going to mean Robbie could keep his device. As tears filled my eyes I felt such appreciation and gratitude.

- The Mackey Family