How CJ's Fund Helps

Pediatric Development Center, Inc., Pittsfield

Thank you for the work that CJ’s Fund has done for our EI Program, most recently, with a large purchase of much-needed supplies.

We are seeing more & more little ones in need of surgeries for various reasons. The scarring they develop from some surgical procedures is quite significant so this year we used your CJ’s Fund to purchase enough KinesioTape products to enable our PT & OT, both trained in pediatric KinesioTaping to use as much tape as they need, no matter what the cost. Now we are able to offer families as much tape as their little one might need & this will increase our overall outcome for successful healing, with little or no adhesion to bones, which often happens following surgery when a child doesn’t receive kinesioTaping.

Without the generosity of CJ’s Fund, we wouldn’t be able to offer this benefit to families as readily. We’re so grateful to you both, to your families & friends & all who donate in your dear little one’s name to make these kind of small miracles happen! Our Team feels strongly that the love you held for CJ just keeps continuing outward in many positive and caring ways. We’re so grateful to you and all of CJ’s loving supporters – they’ve touched so many – across the state…thanks again for thinking of those children who are in need of Early Intervention – CJ’s Fund has made such a difference in so many young lives.

- Pat, Program Director
Pediatric Development Center, Inc., Pittsfield